The Friday 56: From Twinkle With Love

Happy Friday, Readers!

This week I finished The Misadventures of Lightning Girl by Stacy McAnulty. It was a good middle grade read. But finishing it means that I am finally going to start From Twinkle With Love. I happened to see it on my library’s bookshelf and knew, even though I had other things to read, that I definitely wanted to get to this one.

Let’s take a look at the beginning with Book Beginnings hosted by Rose City Reader.

bb-buttonMonday, June 1
Hello, namaste, buenos dias, and bonjour Mira Nair!

The basics.
Name: Twinkle Mehra
Age: Sixteen
Occupation: Sadly, a junior at Pikes Peak Charter in Colorado Springs. And ugh, the only one who’s still sixteen. Mummy and Papa obviously thought they’d birthed a prodigy when they stuck me in kindergarten a whole year early…ha. But that doesn’t matter. If you learn only one thing about me, it’s that I think I have a filmmaker’s soul. Like you, Mira.

I didn’t know that From Twinkle With Love was an epistolary novel before I started. I started with the audiobook, so the format was a little jarring and confusing until later when Twinkle explains that she’s writing in this journal and instead of writing “Dear Diary,” she’s addressing each of her letters to a female filmmaker.

Out of the gate, I can identify with Twinkle – I turned 16 after my junior year of high school started. I wonder if this is going to further play into her story, or if Menon is just providing us with basic vital statistics to start. I suppose we’ll see.

Let’s move on and see what’s on page 56. The Friday 56 is hosted by Freda at Freda’s Voice.

friday-56So I’m just hanging out, sorta painting (that’s the best I can do) and petting Roux, the adorable red Lab that belongs to the lady who owns the place. He keeps putting his gigantic head in my lap every time I pick up my brush and looking at me like, You can’t resist this, Twinkle. Let’s be real.

Okay, so I’m a sucker for scenes with dogs. I love dogs. I particularly love Labs, having had one when I was a small child and another when I was living by myself out here in NM. Clearly Twinkle doesn’t consider herself a painter, but I wonder if her phrasing is indicative of self-esteem issues that I don’t know about yet.

What’s on page 56 of what you’re reading?


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