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I honestly can’t remember why I picked up Down and Across. I probably saw it on a list somewhere and decided to run with it. I should start putting why I picked it up in the caption of my currently reading photo.

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What I’m actually #currentlyreading right now. #tbsreads

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If you haven’t heard of it, here’s the publisher’s summary:

Sixteen-year-old Scott Ferdowsi’s impromptu trip to a famous professor for advice about success turns into a summer of freedom that brings him answers in unexpected places.

Here’s my Sticky Note Review

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#bookaday Down and Across by Arvin Ahmadi. #SNRtbs Down and Across is a road trip novel that isn't about a road trip. Protagonist, Saaket, goes on a journey of discovery, but does so by running away to a specific place. I loved the reminders that Saaket is Iranian-American. The story doesn't revolve around it, but readers can't whitewash him in their readings either. It felt like a few weeks in the life of a person of color [complete with racist interaction]. I couldn't decide whether to put Fiora in the manic pixie dream girl category. I mean, she kind of facilitates his adventure, but at the same time, did so for selfish reasons. Ugh. Duke it out in the comments. This is a good read for those who need the reminder that everything doesn't have to be figured out at the end of high school.

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