Copperhead Vol. 1 | Sticky Note Review


Two weekends ago, T and I went up to Santa Fe for a mini break. Naturally, one of the places we ended up was the comic book store. We actually just happened upon the place – we had some time on the meter after visiting the used bookstore and wandered toward the train tracks.

How fortuitous for us. We’re always looking for new comic series to try (we’re HUGE Saga fans).

We’ve also had good luck with comics that come from Image. Good writing, good illustrating, good stories.


Copperhead takes place in a mining town on a distant planet. There’s a new sheriff in town (from off-world, no less), and she has to deal with some interesting locals, a deputy who harbors some resentment, and a kid who is probably going to get himself into all kinds of mischief. For whatever reason, it makes me think of Firefly, even though there are aliens in this one. Maybe it’s the colors.

Anyway, Here are my thoughts

What do you think? Is Copperhead a comic you’ve read or would give a chance?

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