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ebc19-book2bblogger2bhop2b2528final2529Happy Saturday, readers.

I’m linking up with Billy at Coffee Addicted Writer for Book Blogger Hop, which I like to do on the occasion that I remember (ha!). This week’s question comes from Elizabeth at Silver’s Reviews

Do you overextend yourself with too many reviews because you can’t pass up a book in hopes you will get them all done, or do you carefully plan and be sure you can fulfill the deadlines for all the promised reviews?

For the most part, I’m not currently accepting books for review. Dissertation, and all. I get requests from time to time – I’ve had two in the last few weeks via Instagram – and one author, because she’s also an academic, I asked to hit me up again once the semester is over.

As for the reviews I choose to write, I’m definitely backlogged on those. I prefer, because I write reviews on Sticky Notes, to write them right away. Right now I have four or five I haven’t written yet. Not sure when I’m going to get to them, either.

I have an Instagram friend who reads for reviews like crazy and I have no idea how she does it. Good on you to those of you who take review requests and manage to get them all done. I’m interested to hear your responses to this question. Leave it, or a link, in the comments and I’ll see you there soon.

Until then, happy reading and don’t forget to be awesome.



  1. I had to close review requesters because I am backlogged on quite a few and some have a few deadlines that I need to meet. Though, I don’t really like reading to meet deadlines because it makes me rush and I can’t really enjoy the book for what it is. Therefore, I prefer to do reviews at my own pace, but some requesters think I drop everything and read their book straight away after sending me an email which is upsetting. I need to learn to be able to say no because I also have other life commitments!

    I posted a more indepth response on my own blog if you’re interested in reading it!


  2. I keep up and carefully spread out what books I accept.

    My method is to write as I read and then add on, delete, and then finally edit. By the time I am done with the book, my review is pretty much in place.

    Good luck with the end of the semester.

    Nice to see you on the HOP, and I hope my suggestion may be of help.


  3. I’m pretty good about reviewing the books right away. It’s just i’m signing up for too much to handle right now. I need to back off the arcs for awhile. Great post ❤

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  4. I have way too many review books on my pile right now that it’s become a bit overwhelming – especially since I want to read my own books. I definitely think I’ll be putting them off for a bit now as I read more of the books I want to read rather than the ones I feel that I need to read. Requesting less ARCs is definitely okay!

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