B4UC1T: April 2018

IMG_4244Happy spring, readers. It’s time for another installment of Before You See the Movie, a few days late. Updates from March:

The other day, T and I saw Love, Simon, and it was wonderfully cute. It makes me want to go back and reread the book (since I read it a few years ago), and makes me really excited fro Leah on the Offbeat, Albertalli’s next installment in Simon’s world.

We saw A Wrinkle in Time with a friend at the Alamo Drafthouse (one of my favorite places to see movies). I found Meg less annoying in the film than I find her in the book. I was a little disappointed in Charles Wallace, though. There wasn’t a big enough difference between regular Charles Wallace and possessed Charles Wallace for me to really feel it. Overall, though, it was a fun movie. And Oprah as god? Well…

We haven’t seen Ready Player One yet, and I still intend to – we just have to find the time. I’m 100% certain that the student for whom I bought a copy of the book went to see it over our long weekend and is just waiting to tell me how amazing it was.

April 27: I don’t know if I’d consider Avengers: Infinity War a book adaptation, but it’s the only YA-adjacent release I’ve found for April. Admittedly, I’m interested to see what happens with this one after the success of Black Panther.

Until Brian K. Vaughn’s Saga, I was never really into serial comics, so I didn’t read a lot of Marvel growing up. What I’ve found out is that Infinity War was a six-issue release back in 1992. From those of you who have read it, how do you think the narrative in the film is going to match up with the narrative from those six issues? Movie canon and comic canon are different, right?

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