A Book Haul and a Book Stack

I was supposed to tell a story today about how my students troll me. Which they do. Especially the ones I see in the morning. But I’ll save that story for next week when I film a video I’m happy with.

Here’s how much I love libraries. I spent a number of hours at the university library this afternoon working. From there, I went to the public library to pick up the book I had on hold. Here’s what I currently have checked out from the library

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And here’s what I’m reading this week.  What are you reading this week?


  1. I am really excited to pick up Children of Blood and Bone. I’m in that in-between time with books and am currently staring at all the novels I need to get to. I saw on your side bar that you ultimately gave The Poet X five stars and that’s another one that’s sitting on my shelf. Maybe I need to just read these at the same time because it’s so hard to decide.


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