B4UC1T: March 2018


So before you head out to the theaters this month, I’ve got a list of movies that have been adapted from books for you. Once again, I’m excited for the movies this month. I actually had to go back and do some rereading to refresh my memory (can’t go in blind, right?).

Here’s this month’s YA movie releases.

On March 9, we finally get A Wrinkle in Time, adapted from the classic Madeline L’Engle story. T and I listened to the audio for this one, and L’Engle’s foreword made us both go “awww.” It turns out that when L’Engle was writing A Wrinkle in Time, she would write a chapter, then read it to her children. Talk about incentive to make sure you get your pages written each day. Also, I’m stoked about the fact that this movie was directed by Ava Duverney and that the cast is ethnically diverse. I’m sure there were people on the internet screaming about this, as the internet is wont to do, but I, for one, am excited.

On March 16, we have the release of Love, Simon, which is an adaptation of Becky Albertalli’s Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. Simon is one of my happy books. I’m sure many readers have these, books you go back to when you’re feeling down. Simon is one I read when I’m travel-stressed. For whatever reason, it just helps. We already know that Love, Simon is coming to the Drafthouse theater in the next town over, and after seeing the before-reel for The Shape of Water, I’m really curious about what they’re going to play before Love, Simon. Also, confession: I didn’t see the trailer for this movie until just now – like as I was in the process of writing this post.

And if you’re still with me this far, Friday, March 30, we get the adaptation of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I remember when I read this. I remember buying the audio just because Wil Wheaton read it. And I remember falling asleep to it for a solid two weeks because it’s just that awesome. That period was also the height of my video game playing, so the narrative fit right in with some of my lived experience.

Because so much of this story takes place in a virtual world, I’m curious to see how it’s going to play out on screen. Here’s the trailer.

Will you be seeing any of these?

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