Books that Have Been on my TBR Forever


This week on Top Ten Tuesday hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl, the topic is books that have been on our TBRs for a long time. I actually went through my Goodreads TBR last year and took off all the books that I figured I’d never get around to, so I thought I’d take the “classic” literature approach, since at one point, I wanted to read all the recommended reading for AP classes (on the off chance I decided to teach high school English at some point).

Long time TBR

The first book on my list, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read. I actually read my first Toni Morrison book this past December. And I only read it because I was reading with my cousin.

Beloved has been on my TBR forever, as has the second book on my list, Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. I actually own the audiobook for this and still haven’t managed it.

I was supposed to read Heart of Darkness when I was a sophomore in high school. And then I was supposed to read it when I was a junior in college (studying literature, no less). I still haven’t managed it, though I think I probably could now if I really wanted to.

Catch 22 is another book that I own (or recently took to the used bookstore) that I haven’t read. I bought it back when I thought I’d make the move from teaching middle school to teaching high school. Since I didn’t, it’s collected dust on my shelf.

Long time TBR 2

I bought Bless Me, Ultima for something that was going on at the university. I can’t remember what that event was, and I never read more than the first few chapters.

I have no excuses about why I haven’t read The Bluest Eye. See previous Toni Morrison comment.

T and I bought the audio for Love in the Time of Cholera because we listen to books together in the evening. For whatever reason, we never made it all the way through this one either, so back onto the TBR it went.

A former student of mine (who has long-since graduated) wanted to read The Kite Runner, which is why I have a copy. So many times I meant to pick it up, and so many times other things have been more shiny.

I actually stole The Poisonwood Bible from my mother. Or rather, I thought I did for the longest time. It turned out that T had a copy. Nevertheless, it’s been on my TBR for a while as well.

What’s collecting dust on your TBR? 


  1. Toni Morrison is one of my all time favorite authors and Beloved is my favorite book of hers. I read it as required reading in high school and it has haunted me (in a good way) ever since. I highly, highly recommend it!

    I included The Kite Runner on my own list as well. I am hoping I’ll get around to it this year, but it’s been sitting on my TBR so long I’m not really sure how that’ll go!

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  2. I remember reading The Bluest Eye a long time ago and not liking it much, I think I read it because it was one of Oprahs Book Club picks. At least you picked up The Kite Runner, I only pick it up to dust around it. Happy Reading.

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  3. First, I LOVE the graphic of this post ❤ I also love that you focused on classic lit for this! I've been meaning to read so many of these, especially Invisible Man and Catch-22. Fingers crossed we'll get around to reading them soon! 🙂

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  4. The Kite Runner is so good! I hope you can read it soon. I just bought Beloved the other week and can’t wait to read it. I want to read Love in the Time of Cholera but I read One Hundred Years of Solitude and it was such a slog that I’m in no hurry. lol. I think the oldest books on my TBR are some Neil Gaiman short story collections, but I’m hoping to knock them out this year. Hope you can get to some of these soon!


  5. I’ve read three of these: The Heart of Darkness, The Bluest Eye, and The Kite Runner. I really loved the latter two, but absolutely despised The Heart of Darkness. Part of it may have just been that I read it early on in high school and found the writing really dense. Hopefully you’ll like it better than I did and will enjoy all the rest of these whenever you get to them as well!

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  6. I think I would have enjoyed studying Catch-22 more than the literature that I ended up reading in school. But maybe that’s just me speaking retrospectively haha. I still haven’t read it though (despite my use of Catch-22 the term and only have the basic of Wikipedia knowledge of its meaning and background as to its definition). I hope you get a chance to read it someday!


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