When All Your Holds Come in at Once

I discovered something about my life as a library user today. That is, I hate digital holds. This might have to do with my desire to have everything planned out; I may over-structure my reading life. I get stuck in an agenda and when a wrench (albeit a wrench I’d been looking forward to) gets thrown into my agenda, I might feel a little stuck.

On the one hand, I want to finish the book(s) I’ve already started – I’m trying really hard not to read a million books at the same time this year. On the other, I also need/want to listen to the books that I got off of hold before they expire. Sure, I could download them, put them on a device, and be the bad library patron who doesn’t delete the files after the loan has expired. But that’s not the library patron I want to be.

How do you prioritize? (There’s a poll in my IG story if you’re interested in weighing in over there.)

What do you do when all your holds come in at once?

One comment

  1. I definitely feel the need to control my digital holds. I tend to use my library to access OverDrive, which lets you suspend holds for a certain period so it won’t check out but you keep moving up the list. That way, when you remove the suspension or it expires, you get the book within the following 3 weeks. I also have auto-checkout turned off so it gives me a couple days to be prepared.

    My library also gives access to a database/app called hoopla, which allows for instant borrowing of the titles in the system but doesn’t allow holds. It’s good for when the 3 weeks on OverDrive goes too slowly.


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