The Friday 56: The Takedown

Happy first Friday of 2018, everyone! Today I’m linking up with Freda from Freda’s Voice for the Friday 56. The rules of the Friday 56 are simple: pick up a book, turn to page 56 (or to 56%) and post a few sentences from the page, avoiding spoilers. Finally, link up.

I’m about to start The Takedown by Corrie Wang. I remember seeing this book when T and I were at the Barnes & Noble last June, and thinking it’d be a good book to add to a Feature Shelf about social networking. My local library received it recently, so I picked it up.

In The Takedown, protagonist Kyla Cheng is super popular, super smart, and on her way to becoming valedictorian. That is, until someone uploads a (fake) video of Kyla and her English teacher in a compromising position. Kyla has to figure out how, even though it’s fake, to take something down from the internet while simultaneously dealing with the consequences of a damning viral video.

My Friday 56

“Kyle, for what it’s worth, I swear I didn’t make that video.” Ailey bit her lip, and for the first time since I arrived, her eyes met mine. Swear. There was no lying when you called a swear. Or there didn’t use to be…”

I think it’s natural that Kyla would go to her friends first, especially with the adage about keeping your friends close but your enemies closer. I can’t help but wonder about the motivation behind posting such a video to begin with.

I’m excited to dive into this one, and I’m excited about the prospect of a Feature Shelf that features books dealing with the effects of social networking.

What are you reading this weekend?


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