The Weight of Feathers | Sticky Note Reviews


In an effort to go into 2018 with a clean blogging slate, I’m going to post my Sticky Note Review for The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore today instead of tomorrow.

I picked up The Weight of Feathers because I recently read When the Moon Was Ours and loved it. My library had The Weight of Feathers, so naturally, I picked it up immediately.

The Weight of Feathers is about two children in rival families who have grown up hating each other because of the stories told to them by their families. They have a few chance meetings, where one does not know the identity of the other. Then Cluck Corbeau, from the family of fliers (they do a modified tightrope act in the branches of trees while wearing wings made of peacock feathers) saves the life of Lace Paloma, whose family puts on a mermaid show, and things get a little complicated.

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