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It’s not often that I read novels written for adults. Partly, that’s because of my job, and partly it’s because I tend to enjoy YA fiction. I’m unapologetic about that. But when The Martian came along, and the folks over at Book Riot raved about it, I gave it a chance. It was amazing. So naturally, when Andy Weir released another book, I was definitely going to read it. I wasn’t sure if anything could hold a candle to The Martian, but I decided I was going to find out.

If you haven’t heard about Artemis, here’s the premise: Jazz Bashara is a Saudia Arabian born smuggler who lives in Artemis, the one city on the moon. She takes a job involving a different kind of crime from one of her regular clients. This job, unbeknownst to Jazz, involves taking out property that belongs to some unsavory people, which puts Jazz in the center of a murder plot on Artemis.

Take a look at my sticky note for thoughts.


  1. I loved The Martian and all I’ve heard is negative things about this book. I think, however, that I’m going to ignore all the thoughts and read it which is what I’d do if I wasn’t so in tune with what everyone else thought! lol.

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