Character Confessions: Mary Addison

I’m still trying to nail down what I want to do for my Wednesday posts. I’m thinking that I’ll take the literary Post Secret idea and turn it into Literary Character Confessions, and make it a reader response project I can do with my students.

I saw a teacher on Instagram put out a call for help to her students. In the comments, she said that she used Word Swag to create her image. I’ve been using Canva to create my images, and I love Canva, but it’s slow as molasses on my school’s wifi and it requires a login. I’ve found that Word Swag, which pulls its background images from Pixabay (which is what I was using for the images I created in Canva), doesn’t lag near as much.

My challenge as a teacher is that as excited as I am about this, I’m afraid to share it with my English-teaching colleagues because we share students.


So I’m currently reading Allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson. Allyn and I are going to live chat about it this weekend. I thought I’d start with this as an example, see how I like it, and maybe make it a weekly thing.

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