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When I read a Book Riot post last week that said that Noteworthy was She’s the Man meets Pitch Perfect, I knew I had to pick it up. I got lucky enough to find a copy in my digital library and didn’t put it down for two days.

Jordan’s a theater student at a private arts school. She wants a non-chorus part in a school musical, but she’s a contralto, and lead roles in theatre aren’t written for her vocal range. So she pretends to be a boy and auditions for a spot in an elite all-male a capella group. Then musical magic ensues.

For some context: my favorite movie is Victor, Victoria.

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#bookaday Noteworthy by Riley Redgate. I saw this billed as Pitch Perfect meets She's the Man and that description was spot on. I was totally here for this — it's one of my favorite tropes. The story isn't super heavy, even though it deals with issues like sexuality, identity, and privilege. Jordan challenges her socialization about what it means to be masculine or feminine and her processing of this is neat to watch. I did think that Jordan's isolation was convenient – the friendless void left by her graduated ex made it easier to maintain the charade (not that passing for male was easy), but it also made her relatable to anyone who's come out of an all-encompasssing relationship. #snrtbs

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