Bang | Sticky Note Review

Happy Thursday, readers. While I was doing the road trip thing, I read a number of books, as one does when they don’t get carsick (sorry T). The first I finished was Bang by Barry Lyga. Watch below to find out more about the book and what I though of it (~2min) or scroll all the way down for my Instagram post.

Or if you prefer, here’s the photo.

The sticky note says,

So many people were enamored with Bang, but for whatever reason, it didn’t speak to me like it did to other readers. After conversing with some of those other readers and reading an interview with Barry Lyga, I think I missed out on something listening to it instead of reading it. I absolutely loved Sebastian’s friendship with Aneesa, and their YouTube adventures with pizza. Lyga’s characterization was fabulous. I rooted for Sebastian to come to terms with his grief, and genuinely hoped it would not be the kind of book where the relationship saved the main character. #stickynotereviews @thebooksupplier

Out of curiosity, what is your reaction when a relationship in a book fixes the protagonist’s problem(s)?


  1. I HATE when a relationship fixes the problems. UGH and I hate that this book has that because I was looking forward to it. I really liked Lyga’s last series ” I am not a killer”


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