Monday Musings: A Question about ‘Get Out’

A few weeks ago, my friend A and I went to see Get Out, the new horror movie from Jordan Peele. I use the term horror loosely – it’s not your gory slash-em-up type film that my students tend to like. I thought the movie was an amazing satirical look at racism in America (and finally, a horror film in which the black guy doesn’t die first!).

Rather than gush about how much I loved this film, or write yet another think piece about it, I have a question for those who’ve seen it (or those who have seen/read enough about it to have an opinion).

In what way(s) could Get Out be construed as a racist film? 

Without putting any particular person on blast, this is something I heard that I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around.  Maybe one of you out there in the blogosphere can help me understand. Thanks in advance.

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