Story Starts


The thing I like about Book Blogger Hop is it gives me the opportunity to think and write about book-related topics — things that aren’t driven by a specific text. And that’s fun. So thanks to Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer for keeping this going.

Here’s this week’s question.

When you start reading a novel, do you prefer to be plunged right into the action, or do you prefer a slower, more descriptive introduction to the plot and characters?
Honestly, it depends on the type of novel. If it’s a utopian or dystopian novel, I definitely prefer to be dropped directly into the action. I’m listening to the audiobook version of The Circle right now, and I was halfway through before I felt like anything was happening. (I’m still not sure if anything is happening. It feels like six hours of world building.)
I’m always impressed with an author who can drop you into the action and world build at the same time (If you have YA suggestion that do this, hit me in the comments. I’m always looking to build my TBR).
If the novel itself is a character driven novel, and I know that going in, then I’m definitely okay with getting to know the characters slowly.

What do you think? 

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