The Friday 56: Silhouetted by the Blue

It’s time for Friday Linkups – Six Word Summary, Book Beginnings and The Friday 56. My next read is Silhouetted by the Blue by Traci L. Jones. The librarian at my school put this book aside for me, thinking I was the one who requested the purchase. I wasn’t, but I’ll happily read it when I’m done with This Side of Home (which would have been my 56 today, but I left it at home) and Pushout.


Thespian teen holds her family together?



Here’s the beginning…

bb-buttonIt wasn’t clear to Serena Shaw which woke her up–the burning smell or the persistent wail of the smoke alarm. What was clear was that neither was a good sign. Yanking back her covers, she rolled onto the floor and crawled to the door. she felt a little silly creeping on the floor like that, but her motto was “better safe than burnt to a crisp.”

And our 56…

friday-56“Henry, the shirt you have on is your pajama shirt and it’s cold out, so you need to find some long pants. And take off your soccer stuff and put on your regular tennis shoes. And ‘crap’ may be a bad word, but if I don’t say it I will totally lose my mind. Go change, you look like a geek.”



From both the beginning and the 56, it seems like Serena is the teen who keeps things together.  I’m going to infer that Henry is Serena’s younger brother. I’m also going to infer, given the language she uses to address him, that she’s in charge of most of the parenting.

This one is next on my TBR (after I finish at least two of the books I’m working on), and, in keeping with my resolution to read more books recommended to me, was recommended by my school’s librarian.


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