The Friday 56: Beautiful Music for Ugly Children

I haven’t yet figured out how to do a Friday 56 (hosted by Freda at Freda’s Voice) for a
graphic novel – I just finished Kindred – so I’ll give you my Six Word Summary, Book Beginnings (hosted by Rose City Reader) and Friday 56 on the novel I haven’t started yet, Beautiful Music for Ugly Children by Kirstin Cronn-Mills.

This one was recommended to me by my friend Tabitha, who went so far as to hand me her copy to get me to read it. Thankfully, I’m using it for my 56 today. When I looked at p. 56, it made my band-nerd heart so happy that I’m definitely going to start reading it today.



Trans music nerd plays B sides. 

Yup. And I’m sure he’s all about that bass or something. Now let’s take a look at the beginning.


John Burrows Is the New Elvis Because He Played Elvis First

If radio is the medium of the ugly person, then I can live my life as a voice and the world will be perfect.

But the dead air has got to go.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for the beginning of this book, but I’m going to try. No, I’m not. I read a little farther down the page and I don’t want to stop so I’m going to make this last piece relatively quick.


And really, that says it all.  I can still remember the horn moves for The Horse from high school (we didn’t play it in college. I don’t know why). THAT’S how long pep band stays with you.


    • Band was such a part of my life as an adolescent (and person in their early 20s). I’m in my mid-30s now and still can remember horn moves for all the songs I loved. I hope your kids also have amazing band memories.


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