The Friday 56: Bad Blood

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for Friday Link Ups. The Friday 56 is hosted by Freda over at Freda’s Voice, Book Beginnings is hosted by Rose City Reader, and the Six Word Summary is something I added in for fun and giggles.

This week, I’m reading Bad Blood by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. It’s the fourth book in The Naturals series. I’m a sucker for crime novels like this, and have been ever since I was in high school.


Six Word Summary: Mom’s alive. Too dangerous to save? bb-button

Without order, there is chaos.
Without order, there is pain.
The wheel turns. Seven masters. Seven ways of killing. 


friday-56From page 56 of the hardcover:

Dean ducked under the tape and crossed the room. Standing behind me, he placed a hand over my mouth and pulled my body back against his.



Thoughts: The whole idea of seven masters makes me think of The Gormogon from Bones. Like each master has an apprentice to take over when that master retires or dies. I wonder how much harder that will make for the Naturals to figure out what’s going on. Not to mention that our protagonist, Cassie, just found out that her mom isn’t dead, but was abducted by these same people.

I can’t explain why I enjoy books like this so much. I mean, they’re terribly unrealistic, but I guess they take the place of the crime dramas that I don’t have time to watch on TV anymore.


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