Book Blogger Hop: Genres


Today’s Blogger Hop day @ the (book) supplier.  This week’s question comes from Elizabeth at Silver’s Reviews. For more Book Blogger Hop, check out The Coffee Addicted Writer.

Here’s the question

What is your best guess that you won’t be changing the genres you’re currently read?

The wording of this is a little leading (I’m working on my dissertation and apparently am sensitive to these things), so I rephrased it to: What is the likelihood that you’ll read outside the genres you currently read?

To which my answer is: I will most likely read outside my preferred genres of young adult science fiction, young adult contemporary realistic fiction and young adult books of any genre that feature an LGBTQ+ protagonist. In the next week, even.

To be fair, I’m a reading teacher. So I’ll frequently read outside of my preferences so I can make good recommendations to the eighth graders with whom I work.

In terms of my personal reading life, I’ve recently started following the hashtag #diversebookbloggers, and from that hashtag, I’m introduced to books I might not have found on my own, most of which feature diverse characters, which I’m into. They’re also books written in a variety of genres. Right now, I’m reading a Victorian steampunk novel, and I have more experience with Victorian Era novels than with steampunk. But it’s exciting to get into.

I’m in a book club where the books are added to a list then randomly selected. Since it’s democratic, anyone can add to the list and odds are, I’ll read something I wouldn’t have come to on my own. I actually love this format. It allows me to stretch my reading chops in a safe environment and with people whose opinions and reading habits I respect. Can’t go wrong. (We’re discussing Lolita soon, which is not a book I would have read on my own.)

I’m so passionate about this – because I want to make sure I fight my own ignorance, I wrote a song about it (two years ago). Here it is.

So what is the likelihood you’ll read outside your preferred genres (in whatever time frame you choose)?



  1. What a beautiful song! I think many of us can relate to it–and more people should hear it. I probably don’t read as diversely as I could, but I am making an effort to change that. This year I decided to even gift the readers in my family books that celebrate diversity for Christmas as well. I think it is important, as you say, that we fight our own ignorance. And reading is a great way to help do that.

    What did you think of Lolita? I was just having a discussion with another book blogger about the book. It makes for an interesting discussion book, that’s for sure.

    I enjoy Victorian steampunk and am glad you are enjoying your current book.

    Thank you for sharing your answer! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week.


    • Thanks! It’s one of my favorites. I think it’s awesome that you’re giving diverse reads for Christmas. I haven’t actually started it yet. I have this problem where I read the book club book the week before our scheduled meeting (even though we usually have a month and half to read it). I’m glad it makes for an interesting discussion book. That means our hangout (people in my book club are from all over) will be awesome. Happy reading!


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