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Neal Shusterman is one of my favorite authors. I can’t jump up and down from the highest wherever and scream loud enough about how much I enjoy the stories he tells. So it’ll be no surprise to you that I loved Scythe. I frequently talk about how for me, reading is a social endeavor, so it was awesome that T was reading it too and we had the opportunity to talk about it as we read.

If you’re interested, here’s a little more info about the book from a previous post.

Now without further ado, here’s my Sticky Note Review.

Have you read Scythe yet? Let me know what you thought or link to your review in the comments.  Happy reading, and don’t forget to be awesome!


  1. Great review, thank you!! I’m looking forward to reading this one, it sounds fascinating. I love philosophical questions about ‘humanity’ and morality – it’s great to think about them from different perspectives.


  2. Shusterman has an amazing gift for making people think about tough questions and situations. And often when I think I know where a story is going, it goes somewhere else, but somewhere else much better. I definitely want to hear what inspired him to write Scythe. Also, and this is a bit depressing, I found it so interesting to consider that even in a world where so many of our troubles and concerns have be eliminated, people can always find a way to be evil to one another. Good, too, of course, but it’s the evil I just can’t fathom….


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