The Friday 56: Still Life With Tornado

Today I thought I’d give Book Beginnings a go in addition to The Friday 56. You can find more Book Beginnings at Rose City Reader, and you can find more of The Friday 56 over at Freda’s Voice.

still life with tornado on kindle


Nothing ever really happens. Or, more accurately, nothing new ever really happens.

The Friday 56

Mom looks at me a little too long and then takes a deep breath. Before she can say anything, I say, “I think I’ll just drop out this week if that’s okay with you. (p. 56)


I love the simplicity and stark concreteness of the beginning of this book. It’s no secret that A. S. King is one of my favorite authors, not only because she writes amazing books, but also because she takes the time to engage when my students ask her questions. For kids who live in a small border town and don’t have a lot of experience with authors, answering questions on Instagram makes a huge difference.

What’s on page 56 of what you’re reading? 


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