10 Podcasts I Listen to Regularly

This week’s theme on The Broke and the Bookish is 10 websites I visit that aren’t about books. Since the websites I visit regularly are all very school related (work, email, school websites) and that’s boring, I thought I’d change the topic slightly. It gives me a chance to showcase the other audio I engage with (you know, besides audiobooks). I couldn’t create an entire list of 10 without including some book podcasts, so allons-y.

All the Books from Book Riot Because as a reader, I need to listen to podcasts that are going to make my reading list longer.

Another Round from BuzzFeed The website says that Heben and Tracy pour one out for things they both love and hate. I, for one, love this podcast. From week to week, I never know what to expect, but they’re funny, woman-positive and privilege voices of people of color.

Ask Me Another from NPR Because who doesn’t love nerdy trivia and word games?

The Book Riot Podcast I’ve been listening to this podcast since its third (or so) episode. It’s interesting to hear about books from a non-education perspective.

Code Switch : NPR A super short (~5min an episode) podcast about race, ethnicity and culture.

Dear Book Nerd I was never really into reading advice columns until advice columns and book queries met.

Democracy Now One of my professors introduced me to this podcast. I don’t get to listen every day, but I catch it when I can.

The Nerdist Chris Hardwick interviews (and nerds out on) all kinds of people. Embrace the nerd, and enjoy your burrito.

Strange Fruit Discussing pop culture, politics and LGBT issues from WFPL in Lexington, KY. I have no idea how I stumbled upon this podcast, but I’m glad I did.

This Week in BlacknessA funny, irreverent, and often off color independent Black news program. Come for the jokes, stay for the community.

This is what I pipe into my ears when I’m not listening to audiobooks.  What are you listening to? 

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