image The Literary Stick No. 5: Daddy Issues

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The Literary Stick No. 5: Daddy Issues

This archetype is the conflict between father and son. The conflict often comes from childhood separation – the son does not grow up with his father and thus feels abandoned by him. He also tends to be closer to his mentor figure than he is with his father. Sometimes, though, at the end of the son’s journey, he atones with the father.

What you’ll notice is that when you learn about this conflict, the archetypal character of the hero and the archetype of the hero journey, there’s overlap. The hero is an integral part of the hero journey, naturally. Understanding the hero’s background helps readers understand the journey the hero must take. So it’s this big mush of ideas that keep popping up all about the place.

As you can see above, daddy issues abound in the Star Wars series. Even in Episode VII. Feel free to discuss in the comments.

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