Simple Things: More Audiobooks and a Mini Book Haul

I recently posted about audiobook narrators and my quest for more awesome voices to listen to. I didn’t realize, however, that I was in an audiobook rut. My commute to work each day is an hour, and last year I spent much of those two hours to and from work listening to audiobooks. This year has been the year of the podcast, spending those two hours with The Read, a myriad of shows from This Week in Blackness, Another Round, Intersection, and Ask Me Another (as well as a few others).

It wasn’t until I saw the trailer for the movie adaptation of Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave and started rereading/listening to it that I realized how much I missed listening to audiobooks at times that weren’t bedtime.

// of this is to say that it’s nice to find a story that I’m totally engaged in and am excited to finish. Mini Book Haul When I went into the library this morning (because I start almost every morning in the library) our librarian had a special treat for me. Both 365 Days of Wonder and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School.

I bought Infinite Sea last weekend on impulse, and it’s been riding around with me in my car. Because I’m almost finished with The 5th Wave, I figured it was time to get it out of the trunk. I’ve had my eye on 365 Days of Wonder for a while now – thought about picking it up every time I’ve gone to Target, and then talking myself out of it. I’m stoked to get to use precepts with my students. Old School, I’m sure, will be checked out as soon as it makes its way to my bookshelf. No doubt.

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