Ten Books that Celebrate Diversity

This week, The Broke and the Bookish ask us to put together a list of books that celebrate diversity or have diverse characters. As a black teacher of (mostly) brown students, I’ve followed the We Need Diverse Books campaign to further educate myself about areas of diversity that I’m not already familiar, that way I can pass said information, in the form of book recommendations, on to my students.

Here are ten books I frequently (or will frequently) recommend to my students that celebrate diversity or have diverse characters.

What other books that celebrate diversity or that have diverse characters should I recommend to my students?

What’s on your list of favorite books with diverse characters?

The Books


  1. There are several books/authors on here I have been wanting to try so it’s good to see them recommended! I own the Saga Graphic novels bit haven’t picked them up yet! I also really want to pick up a Nnedi Okaorafor though I have been eying Lagoon. Great list!


    • Thanks for stopping by! My partner and I went on a Nnedi Okorafor binge after we read Akata Witch (it’s kind of Harry Potter but with more overt discussion of race and class). We have Lagoon as an audiobook, but haven’t listened to it yet.


    • You will not be disappointed. I bought the first bind up because it was $5 on Kindle, blew through it, and immediately started in on the other two. It’s one of those comics that has something for just about everyone. Thanks for stopping by!


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