Sticky Note Review: Shadow Scale

A friend of mine recommended Seraphina to me; she knew I love dragons. And I loved Seraphina.  I enjoyed Shadow Scale, but not as much as Seraphina.  Here’s why.

// trans character said that she misgendered herself at one point, then corrected the issue, which is why Seraphina had a challenging time finding her. Seraphina’s response was pretty much like, “Okay, cool.” I appreciate when characters don’t make a fuss about people’s gender identity. It is. Fantastic. Moving on. And then there was this exchange between Seraphina and Abdo, when Seraphina is trying to learn Porphorian (a language).


How simple and respectful would it be if we took the time to ask people how we should pronoun them, and then stick to it. John Oliver made an interesting point about how challenging it is to call people by their preferred name/pronouns, citing The Edge and Puff Daddy as examples.

Thoughts? Comments? Have you read Shadow Scale or do you want to? What are your thoughts on this gender stuff? Leave it down below and I’ll see you there soon.

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