Favorite Top Ten Tuesday Topics

Five years of Top Ten Tuesdays hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Congrats! That’s a long time.

During the summer, I like to do my Top 10 Tuesdays as videos, but I’m not making a video this week. Here’s why.

So my favorite Top Ten Tuesday topics have been (in no particular order)

  1. Top Ten Books from the Last Three Years – I read so many books, it’s kind of nice to see the ones I really love all in one place.
  2. Top Ten New to Me Authors of 2014 – I’m a tried and true loyal reader. It’s hard for me to get comfortable with new authors. So this list made me think about the ways in which I left the familiarity of authors I’ve read for a while and gave other authors a chance. With amazing results.
  3. Characters I Would Want to Be for Halloween – This was just fun. Tracie’s much more into Halloween than I am. We’ve already decided that this year we’re going to be reveurs (which is reallly just an excuse for me to buy a new red tie).
  4. Authors I Own the Most Books From – Last summer Tracie and I did a series of Top Ten Tuesdays together, and those might be my favorites.
  5. Top 10 Tuesday: Deserted Island – see reason for #4.
  6. Top 1o Tuesday: TV Shows – see reason for #4
  7. Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Classics – I much prefer doing videos to long form writing like this, and this was the second one I’d done, not long after I’d moved house.
  8. Top 10 Tuesday: Gateway Books – As a reading teacher, I attribute my success to gateway books, whether it be Twilight that convinces people to read Wuthering Heights, or validation for the love of science fiction (which makes more sense if you read the post)
  9. Top Ten Tuesday: Recommendations for Gamers – I love games. This was a fun post to write.
  10. Top Ten Best/Worst Movie Adaptations – I think I’ve done this one more than once, but at this point, I’m not sure.

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