September Challenges – 9/04

Two challenges this month.  The Book Photo Challenge by Books & Cupcakes, and the Reflective Teaching Blogging Challenge fromTeachThought. While they’re not related to each other, I thought I’d take care of both at the same time, in one post. Just for fun. You can see all of the photos I’ve taken for the book photo challenge (and other things) in my Photo Gallery.

Book Photo Challenge Day 4: Hardback or Paperback?

Hardcover or paperback? Clearly both.
Clearly both.

This is part of the display that can be found on the counter in my classroom.  As soon as I finish Feature Shelf (hopefully tomorrow), the books will change. See all of the photos I’ve taken for this challenge (and other things) in my Photo Gallery.

Reflective Teaching Day 4: What do you love most about teaching?

Simply put: students. I mean, I love teaching reading. Literacy development fascinates me. But it would be nothing at all without my ornery adolescents who traipse in and out my door every day and drive me crazy and make me laugh and challenge me, and …. You get the idea.

I sat on my stool in the middle of the room today, pretending not to listen to a group of boys discuss the parentage and marriage habits of the dieties from Greek mythology. Sure, they had a task to complete, but their task sparked this discussion that I didn’t even envision them having. At some point I think someone asked me why I was cheesing like the Cheshire Cat. My response: “Because you guys are awesome.”

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