September Challenges – 9/01

Two challenges this month.  The Book Photo Challenge by Books & Cupcakes, and the Reflective Teaching Blogging Challenge fromTeachThought. While they’re not related to each other, I thought I’d take care of both at the same time, in one post. Just for fun. You can see all of the photos I’ve taken for the book photo challenge (and other things) in my Photo Gallery.

September Book Photo Challenge Day 1: Introduce Yourself

At Central Library in Indianapolis, IN
At Central Library in Indianapolis, IN

Reflective Teaching Day 1: Goals for the School Year

My primary goal for the school year is tied to my graduate studies: make adjustments to the game so it makes the most sense possible. That it’s grounded in previous research is definitely a bonus.

I’m taking dissertation seminar this semester, wherein we write the first three chapters of our dissertations, and I’m excited about it — more excited than I’ve been about graduate school in a while. It’s totally spilling into my everyday teaching, so my students are excited too. Many of them don’t understand what a dissertation is or what it means, but the positive energy in my classroom is palpable (especially on Quest Days) and that makes for an awesome environment.

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