Quest Days FTW

 Every couple of weeks, we do a quest day: a day with a bunch of different activities that hit a number of the objectives or reading strategies we’ve worked on thus far.
 Today, groups are working on establishing prior knowledge and doing some kinesthetic visualizing,
 Quest days are loud, raucous, and more engaging than any other day. It might be because they only focus on one thing for 10 minutes at a time. It might be because verbal processing is high. It might be because students who don’t usually participate find this kind of activity to be less risky. It might be because they have the freedom to explore and figure things out for themselves. Whatever the reason, so many of my students left today saying that class was fun and that they couldn’t believe that it went so fast.
 I’m excited to go through their responses, and I’m excited for them to go through their classmates resonses and leave replies on Wednesday (some of them did this today if they finished a mission with extra time).
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