Warner Intrigues Me

I was browsing Oyster a few weeks ago and ran across Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi and I figured that, since it was on my TBR shelf anyway (My friend Allyn gave me a copy) I could go ahead and read it.
 Can I say for a moment that I love Oyster? Because I commute to school everyday with a carpool, I don’t carry around as many books as I used to. Oyster means I always have a ton of books from my TBR to choose from.
 Okay, back to Shatter Me.
 Confession: Juliette drives me batty. I get that her upbringing was beyond harsh and that she’s trying to figure herself out — and not just herself in the sense of her powers but herself as in her true nature. But she’s caught between two boys, and I can’t help but wonder how much longer we’re going to get these action/adventure heroines who are stuck on men before it’s officially declared a trope (unless it already is).
 That said, I am so fascinated Warner. I think it’s because his words and his actions are sometimes incongruous, like he proports to know who he is and what he’s about, but he’s not aware of his subconscious sometimes. So I’m interested to see what he does.
 Is he going to join the resistance? Is he going to go back to his father? Is he going to strike out on his own, wait for the dust to settle, and take over once everyone is sufficiently weakened?
 Luckily for me, it’s library date weekend which means I’ll be picking up the third. I’ve heard this series ends well.
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