Reminders Amidst Frustration

So we’re beginning the second week of classes and my rosters are still changing. It’s frustrating, and it’s difficult to get really started.
 But sometimes, amidst all the administrative frustration, there’s something that reminds me why I’m working so hard and why relationship building is so important.
 It was decided that, for whatever reason, students who receive a certain level of service hours through the special education department were going to be taken out of my class and placed elsewhere. When they were called to guidance and informed of this, they requested to remain where they were placed. The counselor came to check with me and, of course, I’m all for it.
 It’s anecdotal evidence about the power of the relationship building and the way I’ve structured my class. It also makes me wonder about their deeper reasons for staying in a class so many students want to get out of.
 Whatever the reason I’m glad they’re staying and I’m glad I get to work with them this semester.
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