The Power of October Mourning

One of the books I picked up on Audiobooksync this summer was October Morning. I finished it yesterday and then needed to sit with it a minute before I could say anything.

It was a powerful piece for me. I loved the way the multiple narrators voices overlapped in some pieces and wished I could have seen the format of the text (I’m still on about the ebook novel in verse thing and I like to see poem shapes — my reading preferences, I guess).

I think that regardless what you believe about what happened to Matthew Shepard back in 1998, these poetic snapshots provide a bit of insight into the thoughts and feelings of people who are allies, who vehemently abhor people in the LGBT community, people who worry for their family members in the aftermath of a tragic event. But the thoughts and feelings aren’t just valid for those were affected by the event — it is fiction after all. They speak to the larger world.

I hope that my students will read this, and I hope that it will move them to question.

Have you read October Mourning?  What did you think?

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