So I Wrote to Dear Book Nerd

Dear Book Nerd is one of the Book Riot podcasts that I listen to whenever it comes up in my iTunes feed.

A few nights ago The Professor and I were talking about where we want to go for our honeymoon. What we came up with was this: wherever we go, there has to be a good indie bookstore. It’s apparently a thing we do on vacation: hit up the local bookstores. So naturally, when we go on our honeymoon, visiting a good indie bookstore is a must.

So I wrote to Dear Book Nerd. It felt a little like what I imagine writing to Dear Abby would feel like in its execution, and nerdy as hell — but that’s who we are. I mean, hell, I teach reading and took over our house with bookshelves, and The Professor has an unnatural obsession with Octavia Butler (she said if we could get someone to raise her from the dead so we can talk to her on our honeymoon, that would be awesome).

I am looking forward to hearing that podcast with all my book-nerdy heart.

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