Daytripping Ruins | #FridayReads (2)

I’m reading…

I think the thing I like about the Partials Sequence is the complex portrayal of war. There are moreDaytripping Ruins FridayReads 2 than two sides to the issue, and through a shifting limited omniceint third person narrator and the dialogue between characters, readers learn that each member of the Trust had different motivations for creating the Partials the way they did. We also learn about the motivations of the individual characters as they try to solve the extinction problem.

Well I like the complex portrayal of war and science, and that the romance takes a back seat to the larger problem at hand: saving the humans and/or the partials from extinction (which, you know, might provoke more of a sense of urgency than romantic relationships. I mean, what’s a romantic relationship if everyone is dead?)

YouTube trailer for Ruins by Dan Wells

So Y: The Last Man was intriguing. How the women deal with the loss of all the men (some Amazonian-style groups, others memorialize men at the Washington Monument — go figure) and the effect on the government are just a few of the issues discussed in the comic book. I’ve decided that, when The Professor and I go to the library tomorrow, I’ll be picking up the second volume of this series. Now I’m curious about how one man and one monkey are the only surviving mammals with Y chromosomes, and how that will affect the future of this particular world.

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