#FridayReads Dead Ends

13617804On Wednesday, I was inspired on my way home from seeing Chef with The Professor to make a Friday Reads video. Haven’t done it in a while, and it’s a book I’ve been holding onto for a little while. So today I’m reading Dead Ends by Erin Jade Lange (in addition to continuing my work with Reality is Broken). Here’s why. [EDIT: Read below the video for more book info. I finished it]

What are you reading this lovely fourth of July Friday?

Okay, so as soon as I finished reading Dead Ends, I had to say something about it on Twitter and Facebook.  Here’s what I said, and Lange‘s response:


And I did like it. I’m planning on buying it; I can think of a few former students who would love this novel, so I’m sure some of my new ones will as well.  Its a story about fathers and sons, and a story about anger. It’s a story about seeing relationships through rose-colored glasses and creating relationships with people whose personalities and mannerisms remind us of other people.  And it’s a story about personal growth and discovery.

There was a point in the story, an interaction between Dane and Billy D. while they’re on their road trip where I exclaimed out loud, “Oh, come on Erin. You’re killing me.” There are so many point of entry in this story, and so much to talk about. I am glad it’s out there in the world, and that it’s soon to grace my bookshelf.

Read it. Let me know what you think when you do.

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