My House, In the Future

 For the last two days, I’ve been obsessed with Brian K. Vaughn’s Saga series. A friend of mine, Allyn, read it last month and said it was fantastic. I don’t normally listen to the things she says are fantastic because we don’t share tastes in books, but I was bored while the kids were reading yesterday (I will hear the same chapter up to 10 times in one day), so I bought the Kindle edition of Saga for $5 on a whim.

I loved it. I loved the artwork, I loved the characters, I loved the story, and I loved that the relationship between the two protagonists started because of a book written by the cyclops pictured above. I also love that The Professor loves it (here are the advantages of sharing a Kindle account).

While reading the third volume of collected comics today I came across this panel, and I’ve shared it with as many people as I possibly could. This is what I envision our house will be like in the future. Not action-packed, but absolutely beautiful.

Saga, Vol. 1
Saga, Vol. 2
Saga, Vol. 3

Supposedly Issue #19 is due out later this month. I can’t wait.

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