video TFiOS and Nuts

I make no secret of the fact that I am a huge fan of The Fault in Our Stars. I can’t tell you whether or not it is a good book, though many people I’ve recommended it to have loved it. For me, the entire book was a nostalgic walk around (mostly) Washington Township in Indianapolis. North Central High School, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the gas station at 86th and Ditch (over by Half-Price Books, one of my favorite places EVER). And I’ll admit that I was upset when I learned that filming wasn’t going to take place in Indianapolis for tax reasons. I wanted to see my places reflected in the movie adaptation of the book that had me bawling for three hours straight. And then I saw the first trailer and all of that anger dissipated. I’m excited about the movie now.

I’m even more excited because one of my students is reading TFiOS and showed me today that she’s writing down all of the lines that she absolutely loves. As her reading teacher, I’m actually more excited about the fact that she’s so immersed herself in the world of reading than I am about the fact that she’s in love with this book. She told me today that she hates me sometimes because I draw her away from the time she gets to read, and I’m okay with her hating me for that reason.

All of that really was to talk about the trailer that made its appearance in my Feedly today and my response to it, which was “Oh, effnuts.” I am almost positive that I will cry when I see this movie. Here’s why:

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