In 6: The Darkest Minds

In 6: Superpowered Girl Erases Memories of Herself.

ISBN: 9781423159322
Paperback, 488 pages, $9.99 (Scholastic Book Fair)
Lexile: 870L

More: As I mentioned on Goodreads, I might be dystopianed out. Many of my friends rated this at least a star higher than I did. Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoyed the premise and found the characters to be intriguing, but I found that the plot was a little more predictable than I like in my plots. Yes, it’s a hero journey, and familiarity with story construction leads to easier predictions, but still. I saw the thing with the president’s son coming and knew the League was going to show back up somehow.

What I liked, though, was how conflict was depicted as complex: there are multiple sides, not just two, and the agenda of each side is not as clear as the general public likes to think. That makes predicting how Ruby will react to information about players in the conflict significantly more interesting.  It’s not clearly right vs. wrong, north vs. south, good vs. evil. Everything is enveloped in shades of gray (to be terribly cliche).

Now this is not going to deter me from reading the rest of the series.  I’m actually quite excited about it and curious about how the United States is going to put itself back together.

Prediction: The “surprise” antagonist from The Darkest Minds is going to be Ruby’s final adversary. This is kind of a “duh” though. Or at least I feel like it is.

Even More (In 6 from my students + other notes):

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