First Trailer for The Giver Movie

Some thoughts about the first trailer for the movie adaptation of Lois Lowry’s The Giver…

So the Divergent movie is coming out this weekend, and I’m excited to go see that. I enjoyed Divergent when I read it before. But The Giver has a special place in my heart, not as a book that I was taught in middle school, but as a book that I once taught in middle school. There’s something about that “ah ha” moment when students begin to understand what’s going on, when they begin to put everything together, that is so much fun. Interestingly, I teach a different book now, but it still brings up issues of medical ethics…

My excitement for The Giver movie is now tempered by the science fiction-y elements of the trailer. I loved the simplicity of The Giver. The idea of colorlessness that makes Jonas’s glimpse of the red in the apple such a huge symbol foreshadowing his loss of innocence (one could argue that it’s an allusion. I’m going to go with both).

Here’s the trailer.  What do you think?

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