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This week I didn’t do a Sunday #Bookstack video. I went outside. Communed with nature. Experienced a much-needed reboot.

So now I’m ready to do a number of things, including share with you what I’m currently reading.

First is UnSouled by Neal Shusterman, the third book in the Unwind Dystology. I’m 333 pages in (EDIT: by the time this posts, I’ll be done), which hopefully means I’ll be done with it today (provided my independent reading time during class works out the way I’d like). Part of the reason I’ve been making such progress on UnSouled is that the son of a friend of mine is reading UnWholly, and I should probably be finished with this one so it’s available when he’s ready.

What I love about the Unwind Dystology is how it raises questions about what it means to be alive. In the first book, the more specific question was can one be alive in a divided state? In UnWholly the question extended to the existance of the soul so if one is completely composed of parts from unwinds, does that creation have a soul? There’s discussion of property (a group of people paid to have Cam put together, then he was sold to the military), and how large corporations play both sides of an issue to keep people from thinking about the real ethical issues. So many things to talk about, I can’t believe I put this one off for so long.

My first audiobook (I spend at least 4 hours on the highway each week) is Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor. I read the paper version last year and am now doing the equivalent of an epic reread in preparation for the release of Dreams of Gods and Monsters sometime in the near future–for the life of me I can’t remember the release date. This week, it’s my before bed audiobook…

…since today I picked up How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. It’s only 3 1/2 hours, which means I’ll be done halfway through my drive back to town on Sunday. It’s also read by David Tennant, who I think is just fantastic (and a major part of the reason I picked up this audiobook — you know, that and because I love dragons…)

For university, I’m reading a book on video games and their impact on literacy and learning, which is fascinating, but a slow read because I’m taking copious notes, and a book by bell hooks about how class matters. I’m interested to see how I can incorporate both of these into ideas about identity formation and motivation when it comes to reluctant readers. In other semi-related news, I’m doing a podcast about how my reading for university is informing my teaching. If you’re interested, the podcast page ( on this site should be up pretty soon.

Finally, I’ve decided to abandon The Feast of All Saints by Anne Rice. For whatever reason, reading this book has been an high souce of anxiety for me; I’ve been working on it since November and haven’t managed to get more than 75 pages in before allowing myself to be distracted by something else. I’m making my peace with this. Perhaps I’ll come back to it this summer.

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