Raid #2: Man in Tights

Friday, January 24, 2014
“Man in Tights” Asking Questions

Raid #2: Man in Tights
Raid #2: Man in Tights

Objective: To be able to generate examples of good and poor questions, keeping in mind that the questions we ask of our reading should be good questions.

1. In your notebook, write the date, title, objective, and chart as pictured to the left.

2. With your guild, read the puzzle, clues, and answer to the puzzle. Think about the questions you would ask, and the questions that come completely out of left field.  Be able to explain why a question is a good or poor question. These questions should be written in your notebook.

Things to think about: When you ask questions about your reading, think about whether or not they do what good questions are supposed to do: keep you interested, clarify confusion, etc. Try and avoid poor questions.

“Man in Tights”*
A man wearing tights is lying unconscious in a field. Next to him is a rock. What happened?

1. He was knocked out by the rock, but it didn’t touch him.
2. He was involved in many dangerous adventures.
3. He was a well known sight in his tights.

The man was Superman. He was lying next to Kryptonite, the only thing that could knock him out.


*From Sloane, P. & MacHale, D. (2004). Brain busting lateral thinking puzzles. New York, NY: Sterling Publishing, Co., Inc.

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