Class Training: 2014 Quest #1

Friday, January 17, 2014
Quest #1: Class Training (+40XP)

Quest #1: Class Training
Quest #1: Class Training


From: The Grand Master Wizard
To: All Readlanders

By discovering what happened to the man in the garbage in Raid #1: Complete Garbage, you have earned further training.

Today you will band together with your fellow clerics, wizards, warriors and thieves to train further with the skills you’ve been learning.

Good luck to each of you.

Instructions: Your class (clerics, wizards, warriors, and thieves) will rotate through four training stations. Together you will tackle whatever training adversary the training directors put there for you.

Station #1: Reading & Making Inferences (“Sisters” by A’Rynn Davis*)
Instructions: Read the short story below. As a guild, respond to the three questions.

As I take a huge spoonful of cereal into the immense, dark, wet cave of my mouth, Angie throws a handful of cereal at me. I look at her iwth that this-means-war-and-I’m-serious look. To show my gratitude for her gift, I thrown a handful of my own cereal. Next thing I know, we’ve started a war where our only deadly weapons and explosives are bowls full of cereal. Fruit Looks and Crunch Berries fly left and right while we, the two brave warriors, fight to protect our pride, our humankind, or place mats.

  1. Where can you infer this story takes place?
  2. What evidence supports your inference?
  3. How did you use your prior knowledge to make the inference?

Station #2: Visual Inferences (from The Far Side by Jeff Larsen)
Instructions: Using the image below, make an inference about what happened. Use the questions below the picture to help guide you to the inference.

The Far Side
  1. List the people, animals, and objects in the image above.
  2. Do you notice anything interesting about the things you listed in #1?
  3. List the words and numbers you see in the image above.
  4. How/Why might these be important?
  5. Using the information you’ve gathered, what can you infer happened at Bob’s Pets?

Station #3: Visualizing from Text (“No Help in Sight” by Michael Roeschen*)
Instructions: Read the short story below. Using the Legos provided (see me for the Legos), build a model that shows what you visualized when you read the story. When you have finished your model, call me and I will photograph it.

I stopped, looked back at Jacob, and realized we didn’t have a chance. We didn’t have a chance to run to the shed, we didn’t have a chance to distract them, we didn’t have a chance to stealthily get to the house.

Station #4: Inference from Audio (“Grandmother” by Gregg Pelt*)
Instructions: Listen to the audio below, then use the questions to help you make an inference about the story.
**Note** There is no text on purpose. When you take the Common Core assessment, some passages will be just audio. You may listen to the audio as many times as you need to, but you also need to develop listening skills.

  1. When can you infer this story takes place?
  2. What evidence from the story helped you make your inference?
  3. How can you infer the narrator feels?
  4. What happened that makes him feel the way he does?

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*Passages from Ledbetter, M. E. (2002). Ready-to-use English workshop activities for grades 6-12: 180 daily lessons integrating literature, writing & grammar skills. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.