Reading List: 2013

This year, my goal was to read 200 books. Each month I planned to read one book from the following categories: adult fiction, historical fiction, and YA romance. Somewhere in the neighborhood of October I stopped keeping track. I did, however, start/join a few online book clubs, so that also changed the way I read. My #1 for this year (surprisingly) is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I didn’t write about it here because I don’t typically write about adult books, but let’s say that Morgenstern’s novel shattered my heart then tried to magick it back together again. Absolutely amazing.

December (27)

The Dark by Lemony Snicket
The Dark by Lemony Snicket

Bright, Rachel. Love Monster
Daywalt, Drew. The Day the Crayons Quit
Docherty, Helen. The Snatchabook
Feeney, Tatyana. Little Owl’s Orange Scarf
Gordon-Levitt, Joseph. The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, Vol. 3
Jeffers, Oliver. This Moose Belongs to Me
Keats, Ezra Jay. The Snowy Day
Kraus, Robert. Leo the Late Bloomer
Lloyd, Sam. Mr. Pusskins: A Love Story
McDonnell, Patrick. The Gift of Nothing
Miller, Pat Zietlow. Sophie’s Squash
Mills, Sam. Blackout
Numeroff, Laura Joffe. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (my little brother [and by little I mean he’s 25] read this to our niece — I got to watch via FaceTime and it was one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen)
Sakugawa, Yumi. I Think I Am in Friend-Love with You
Seibold, J. Otto. Olive, the Other Reindeer
Sheldon, Lee. The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game
Snicket, Lemony. The Dark
Stead, Philip C. A Sick Day for Amos McGee

Stoop, Naoko. Red Scarf Girl to the Rescue
Trachtenberg, Robert. When I Knew
Valente, Catherynne M. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making 
Watt, Melanie. Scaredy Squirrel
Watt, Melanie. Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping
Willems, Mo. A Big Guy Took My Ball
Willems, Mo. Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late
Willems, Mo. There Is a Bird on Your Head
Willems, Mo. We Are in a Book!

November (11)

There is a Bird on Your Head by Mo Willems
There is a Bird on Your Head by Mo Willems

Asher, Jay and Carolyn Mackler. The Future of Us
Clark, Kristin Elizabeth. Freakboy
Damico, Gina. Rogue (Croak #3)
DiCamillo, Kate. Flora & Ulysses
King, A. S. Everybody Sees the Ants
King, A. S. Reality Boy
Medina, Meg. Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass

Rowell, Rainbow. Eleanor & Park (reread)
Thung, Diana. August Moon
Willems, Mo. A Big Guy Took My Ball
Willems, Mo. There Is a Bird on Your Head

October (11)

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Carson, Rae. The Crown of Embers
Carson, Rae. The Bitter Kingdom
King, A. S. Please Ignore Vera Dietz
Martel, Yahn. Life of Pi
Moore, Alan. From Hell
Morgenstern, Erin. The Night Circus [Adult Challenge]
Ness, Patrick. More than This
Skloot, Rebecca. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Venditti, Robert. The Homeland Directive
Wilson, August. The Piano Lesson
Wohl, David. Witchblade Origins Vol. 1

September (13)

Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick
Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick

Anthony, Jessica. Chopsticks
Bowers, Rick. Spies of Mississippi: The True Story of the Spy Network that Tried to Destroy the Civil Rights Movement
Brown, Jeffrey. The Incredible Change-Bots
Brown, Jeffrey. The Incredible Change-Bots Two

Cooney, Caroline B. Code Orange
Diffenbaugh, Vanessa. The Language of Flowers*
Kerman, Piper. Orange is the New Black*
Kessler, Jackie Morse. Breath
Perkins-Valdez, Dolen. Wench*
Quick, Matthew. Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock
Schosser, Eric. Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal
Taylor, Laini. Days of Blood & Starlight

August (10)

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor
Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Black, Holly. White Cat.
Dahl, Roald. George’s Marvelous Medicine

Foer, Jonathan Safran. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Griffin, John Howard. Black Like Me
Hartman, Rachel. Seraphina
Hayhurst, Chris. Bicycle Stunt Riding! Catch Air
Rowell, Rainbow. Eleanor & Park [Romance Challenge/BiblioFiles]
Taylor, Laini. Daughter of Smoke & Bone
Wells, Dan. Partials
Wells-Barnett, Ida B. Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases

July (21)

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

Adams, Douglas. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
Adams, Douglas. Life, The Universe, and Everything
Adams, Douglas. So Long and Thanks for all the Fish
Anderson, Laurie Halse. Speak.
Cart, Michael. Young Adult Literature: From Romance to Realism

Dessen, Sarah. What Happened to Goodbye
Doyle, Arthur Conan. A Study in Scarlet
Carson, Rae. The Girl of Fire and Thorns
Curtis, Christopher Paul. Elijah of Buxton [Historical Fiction Challenge]
Gaiman, Neil. Ocean at the End of the Lane [Adult Fiction Challenge]
Hiassen, Carl. Chomp
Hurston, Zora Neale. Their Eyes Were Watching God
Lubar, David. Beware the Ninja Weenies
Maberry, Jonathan. Rot & Ruin
Maberry, Jonathan. Dust & Decay
Maberry, Jonathan. Flesh & Bone
Palahniuk, Chuck. Fight Club
Steffend, Joan. And She Sparkled.
Stiefvater, Maggie. Forever [YA Romance Challenge]
Woolfson, Alex. Artifice
Zusak, Markus. The Book Thief

June — “>June Wrap-up Video on Youtube (20)

Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Austen, Jane. Pride and Prejudice
Bartoletti, Susan. They Called Themselves the KKK
Brooks, Max. World War Z [Adult Challenge/Read it 1st]
Brown, Dan. Inferno [Adult Challenge]
Butler, Octavia E. Kindred [Adult/Historical Fiction Challenge]
Crutcher, Chris. Angry Management

Forman, Gayle. If I Stay
Forman, Gayle. Where She Went [YA Romance Challenge]
Gratz, Alan. Prisoner B-3087 [Historical Fiction Challenge]
Greenwald, Tommy. Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Extra Credit
Hopkins, Ellen. Crank
Kluger, Steve. My Most Excellent Year
Lu, Marie. Prodigy
Northrop, Michael. Trapped
Saenz, Benjamin Aliere. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
Stead, Rebecca. Liar & Spy
Stiefvater, Maggie. The Raven Boys
TenNapel, Doug. Cardboard
Westerfeld, Scott. Goliath
Wood, Maryrose. The Mysterious Howling

May (18)

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce

Adams, Douglas. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Bodeen, S. A. The Gardener
Brown, Peter. Children Make Terrible Pets
Clare, Cassandra. Clockwork Angel [BiblioFiles]
Crutcher, Chris. Period 8
Donnelly, Jennifer. A Northern Light [Historical Fiction Challenge]

Ellis, Brent Easton. American Psycho [Adult Challenge]
Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby [Read It 1st]
Flynn, Gillian. Gone Girl [Adult Challenge] [BiblioFiles]
Forman, Gayle. Just One Day [YA Romance Challenge]
Henkes, Kevin. Chrysanthemum
Hicks, Faith Erin. Friends with Boys
Joyce, William. The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
Klassen, Jon. This is Not My Hat
Laybourne, Emmy. Monument 14
Schachner, Judy. Skippyjon Jones
Willingham, Bill. Fables, Vol. 11: War and Pieces [Adult Challenge]
Yancy, Rick. The 5th Wave.

April (19)

Game by Barry Lyga
Game by Barry Lyga

Billingsley, Franny. Chime
Bloome, David. On Discourse Analysis
Bodeen, S. A. The Raft
Cline, Ernest. Ready Player One
Garcia, Kami. Beautiful Redemption (Caster Chronicles #4)
Garcia, Kami. Beautiful Creatures: The Graphic Novel
Garcia, Kami. Beautiful Chaos

Gee, James. An Introduction to Discourse Analysis
Green, John. Looking for Alaska
Mazer, Harry. Somebody Please Tell Me Who I Am
Lewis, J. Patrick. When Thunder Comes: Poems for Civil Rights Leaders [Historical Fiction Challenge]
Lyga, Barry. Game (Jasper Dent #2)
Nielsen, Jennifer A. The Runaway King (The Ascendance Trilogy #2)
Sharenow, Robert. The Berlin Boxing Club [Historical Fiction Challenge]
Smith, Jennifer E. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight [YA Romance Challenge]
Whaley, John Corey. Where Things Come Back
Willingham, Bill. Fables Vol. 6. Homelands
Willingham, Bill. Fables Vol. 9: Sons of Empire
Willingham, BIll. Fables Vol. 10: The Good Prince [Adult Challenge]

March (18)

The Magicians by Lev Grossman
The Magicians by Lev Grossman

Avi. The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Vol. I: The Pox Party [Historical Fiction Challenge]
Coy, John. Box Out
Dessen, Sarah. Just Listen [YA Romance Challenge]
Garcia, Kami. Beautiful Darkness
Grossman, Lev. The Magicians (The Magicians, #1) [Adult Challenge] [BiblioFiles]
Klassen, Jon. I Want My Hat Back
Lancaster, Mike A. Human.4 (Point 4, #1)

Lu, Marie. Legend
McNeil, Gretchen. Ten
Nelson, Kadir. We Are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball
Nielsen, Jennifer A. The False Prince (The Ascendance Trilogy #1)
Petrucha, Stefan. Ripper [Historical Fiction Challenge]
Sepetys, Ruta. Between Shades of Gray [Historical Fiction Challenge]
Telgemeier, Raina. Drama.
Willingham, BIll. Fables Vol. 4: March of the Wooden Soldiers [Adult Challenge]
WIllingham, Bill. Fables Vol. 7: Arabian Nights [Adult Challenge]
Willingham, BIll. Fables Vol. 8: Wolves [Adult Challenge]
Yancey, Rick. The Isle of Blood

February (17)

Ask the Passengers by A. S. King
Ask the Passengers by A. S. King

Backderf, Derf. My Friend Dahmer
Bornstein, Kate. Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks and Other Outlaws
Hawkins, Rachel. Hex Hall (Hex Hall, #1)
Johnson, Maureen. The Name of the Star (Shades of London, #1)

Johnson, Maureen. The Madness Underneath (Shades of London, #2)
King, A. S. Ask the Passengers
LaBan, Elizabeth. The Tragedy Paper
McCall, Nathan. Makes Me Wanna Holler [Adult Challenge]
Meyer, Marissa. Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1)
Meyer, Marissa. Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, #2) [BiblioFiles]
Myers, Walter Dean. Jazz
Nelson, Marilyn. A Wreath for Emmett Till
Riordan, Rick. The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus, #3)
Willingham, Bill. Fables Vol. 1: Legends in Exile [Adult Challenge]
Willingham, Bill. Fables Vol. 2: Animal Farm [Adult Challenge]
Willingham, BIll. Fables Vol. 3: Storybook Love [Adult Challenge]
Wisner, David. The Three Pigs

January (15)

Crackback by John Coy
Crackback by John Coy

Bloor, Edward. Tangerine
Coy, John. Crackback
Devine, Eric. Tap Out
Johnson, Maureen. 1776: A Story in Tweets
Lockhart. E. The Boyfriend List [YA Romance Challenge]
Lubar, David. Attack of the Vampire Weenies

Nelson, Blake. Destroy All Cars
Rainfield, Cheryl. Parallel Visions (Teen Psychic #1)
Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Tashjian, Janet. The Gospel According to Larry
Tharp, Tim. Knights of the Hill Country
Tyree, Omar. Flyy Girl [Romance Challenge]
Vonnegut, Kurt. Cat’s Cradle [Adult Challenge] [BiblioFiles Book Club]
Wein, Elizabeth. Code Name Verity [Historical Fiction Challenge]
Willems, Mo. The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?

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