Top 10 Tuesday: Recommendations for Gamers

Top Ten Tuesday
…is a meme started by The Broke and the Bookish. Click the image to go to their site.

Two weeks since I last updated (not to mention the fact that today is Thursday), and I though this topic is as good as any to come back on. I’m a gamer. I love playing RPGs, FPSs, table top games. Recently, I’ve gotten into Magic the Gathering (and convinced my brothers, the fiancee of the older of my two brothers, a former student, and a number of current students to learn how to play as well). So here are my Top 7 recommendations for gamers.

If you’ve got some that could round out this list, leave them in the comments.

7. Discordia: The Eleventh Dimension. Ever want to be in an MMO? The main character of Discordia, obsessed with the game of the same name, gets the chance.

6. Halo: The Fall of Reach — a few of my students have read this — they’re Halo players, I’m not. I actually don’t know anything about the Halo franchise, but I did purchase an ebook for one of my students.

5. Feed by M. T. Anderson. What if you had the internet implanted into your brain? What if, because computers and the internet can be hacked, your brain was hacked? So much for having fun on that trip to the moon.

4. Brain Jack by Brian Falkner. Ever want to be jacked into your computer? Use your brain to control your mouse, to play those hack/slash games that are so time consuming or so much fun.

3. Partials by Dan Wells. While this book fits nicely in the dystopian/post-apocalyptic genre, it felt to me like an RPG along the lines of Microsoft’s Mass Effect franchise.

2. Unwind by Neal Shusterman. I know. I talk about the same books all the time.  But this one has an RPG feel about it like Partials does.

1. Ready Player One by Eric Cline. (The audiobook is read by Will Wheaton. I’ve been railing about this for about a year now. It’s awesome. And it’s still awesome.) The patriarch for a huge game company passed and left his company to the person who can find the three hidden keys that open three hidden gates. The one who can find them all first wins control of the entire company.

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