This Sunday in my Digg Feed

Earlier this week I came across a tweet or link on Facebook or something about The Hub (so probably Facebook) post on Books that Changed our Lives. If you’re interested, here’s the article from The Hub and the original article from CNN.

On What Ed Said this week, Ed talks about iPads in the classroom and how learning has changed.  This made me pause for a moment and think about my approach.  One of the things she mentioned was that because the answers to questions can be readily found, what she needs to teach her students is how to ask the questions that will find them the answers that they are looking for.

Now I want to develop some kind of project that will require students to use the internet to find out how to do something and then follow the instructions given to create a final product (I talk a lot with my students about how they if they learn nothing from me, they need to learn how to follow instructions because if they can follow instructions, they can do almost anything.)

Would you believe that this week I got all the way through my feed without giving your anything from Flavorwire? Well, I did. Those are the only two pieces that really spoke to me this week.

Last week on the video blog, I listed three books for my two week reading list. From Hell, Everybody Sees the Ants (post coming soon) and Eleanor & Park. Well, apparently I shot low; I finished all three titles.  So I’ve two to add for this week: Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass by Meg Medina and Reality Boy by A.S. King which I’ve talked about the last few Sundays. I heard about Yaqui Delgado on an episode of Text Messages, and it came in with my last order of books (all of which you can see in last week’s Sunday #Bookstack video). I’m about 50 pages in and already I can see students I want to hand this to. I feel like it’s House on Mango Street meets long form writing. Fabulous.


I’m off to do other Sunday things. See you on Tuesday. Until then, happy reading and don’t forget to be awesome.

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