This Sunday in My Digg Feed

Going through my Digg feed on Sunday morning is like my equivalent of reading the newspaper. It’s like, flip open Digg, turn on this week’s BookRiot podcast (yes, I will probably plug them every week. Get used to it. Listening has become an integral part of my Sunday routine), and write this post. And I’m really starting to enjoy this time. Except that the podcast isn’t up yet. Maybe I’ve been listening to them a week behind.

There’s only one thing I really want to talk about today, and that’s World Book Night.

For the last few years at my school we’ve played host to World Book Night. And it’s been awesome. This week, the books for World Book Night were announced, and I’m really excited.  Check out the link to find out more about World Book Night and how you can participate.

And I seriously encourage you to participate.  I mean, what feels better than giving books away? Especially if they’re books you love.

I’d also like to mention, briefly, that my friend Allyn and I did a live chat on August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson yesterday. You should check that out if you’ve read it. Or even if you haven’t. Or you can even check out all of the conversations I’ve had with people about books.

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