This Sunday in My Digg Feed

A Sunday morning perusal of my Digg feed is my equivalent of reading in the Sunday paper. Here’s what I found this week that I fancy sharing (and remembering about later).

First, it’s October, and what’s October if not a month to get your scary on? So Flavorwire put together a list of the 50 Scariest Books of All time. As I’m not a huge fan of scary books, but I have read eight of these. I’ll write a post about it later on this week.

I am an adult who loves YA novels. Did I challenge myself to read more adult fiction this year? Yes. Do I feel ashamed because I read YA lit? Absolutely not. And the majority of the books that I consume each week (because on average, I read 2) are young adult. Part of the reason is because I like them. The other is because I’m a reading teacher. And what kind of reading teacher would I be if I didn’t model reading? Anyway, there’s an article on about a Thirty-Something who reads YA unabashedly and tells us why.

Finally this week, I want to highlight a book that is on my to-read list. One of the book bloggers I follow wrote a review of Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein. I don’t read many reviews before I read a book (especially not after that debacle wherein I found out the major inference in Chopsticks) I did read this one because Wein’s other novel, Code Name Verity, is on my Evangelical Zeal shelf.

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